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How to become a financial blog writer

Writing blogs is no joke. The amount of research, analysis and love that goes into each one can be overwhelming. As a financial freelance writer, I’ve found myself pouring my heart out over bridging loans, passionately brainstorming ways for families to save money and screaming about greenwashing … Sometimes all in the same day! I love it. It's the best job I ever had. Becoming a financial blog writer can be a wonderfully fulfilling and profitable career.

So, what skills do you need to get started?

Hannah Duncan financial freelance blog writer, white woman, portrait, brown hair, glasses, selfie
The face of a financial blog writer! Geeky glasses optional.


To be a blog writer, even – no, especially – a financial blog writer, you must feel the subject deeply. From your fingers to your toes. When you live, sleep and breathe a topic, you can bring it to life.

Knowledge 📚

Back when I ran a content department, I asked freelancers this simple question: What’s a bond? If they couldn’t answer that effortlessly, it was a no. Because what financial services say to customers matters. Customers rely on this information to make life decisions. Financial blog writers must be experts on their subjects.


For many companies, the entire purpose of their blog page is to strategically boost their search engine rankings. By all means, flood your content with creativity and poetry – but make sure you hit all those key words! And for God’s sake don’t forget the Alt text!

Research 🔍

I aim to get at least three recent statistics in every financial blog. Otherwise, it just feels a bit limp. Scour the web for insightful nuggets and stay on top of your subject.

As an example, here is an article I wrote about saving money in COVID-19. Each section has a stat or fact, to help it bounce along and feel more authoritative.

Balls! 🔥

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion, as long as it’s well-researched. Occasionally clients will be happy for you to write in your own name about your true feelings. Embrace it!

A little while ago I unleashed a lot of Millennial frustration about wealth management in a blog for CREALOGIX. The hypocrisy! The gaslighting! I spat it all out in that fiery financial blog. It wasn’t just cathartic, it got me noticed. And it brought in many more clients.

FCA rules on Communication 📕

If you didn’t already know this, take a moment to research it now. There are rules for what you can and can’t say in finance. They’re designed to protect the customer. And heaven help you if you screw them up. We’re talking serious fines.

Creativity 🎨

It’s your job to make the topic interesting and relevant. That’s the greatest challenge of a financial blog writer. You could use stories, for example, here I tell the tale of an eccentric secret millionaire. Or draw from your own experience, in this blog about a private bank for Millennials in Zurich, I reflect on my five years in the city.

Or just spring creativity out of nowhere! Here is a Top 25 people in Fintech list, which I wrote as a fictional pirate ship crew sailing out for an adventure!

Why be a Top 25 People in Finance list, when you could be a pirate ship? 👇

Take criticism 🌧

Leave your ego at the door and listen to what your clients don’t like. You don’t need to agree with them, but you need to understand and fix it. If you can respond well to feedback, you’re already half-way there.

Keep learning! 🤓

Before I started freelancing, I knew basically nothing about insurance reporting laws, pension pitfalls or budget deficits. With each job, you learn a bit more. That’s an important skill you’ll need as a financial blog writer. Stay hungry and keep learning.

Hannah Duncan financial blog writer in office, with a computer and a coffee
Keep learning! ... Coffee helps.

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