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Becoming the service I couldn't find

Back in 2019, I was a Senior Content Manager for a global investment house. I was pretty busy. I didn't have time to write weekly blogs and articles for our senior leaders. There was hardly time to grab a coffee between meetings. We needed a copywriter. Urgently. Somebody who understood investment management. Somebody who could balance search engine optimisation (SEO) practices with the FCA rules on communicating with clients. We needed an agency who could work around us, who understood our world. We needed an agency who understood our internal compliance procedures. It didn't happen. 

It seemed that no matter the budget, the meetings or interviews, something was always missing. I decided to do it myself. 

At moments like these, you need to make time. Writing up article ideas on the central line became normal for me. Lunch breaks, late evenings in the office and weekends. Any spare bit of time went towards writing articles or studying. 


I have six years' experience in copywriting for global leaders in finance and retail.

I realised during this time, that excellent copywriting is hard to come by. Especially within financial services. It certainly got me thinking...


In August 2019, I took a leap of faith and decided to set up on my own. Hannah Duncan Investment Content was born. I am determined to make the world a better place by helping more people understand their finances. Within two years, I'd earned the trust of more than 50 clients, and won Headline Money's Blog of the Year 2021. Mostly, I ghost-write compelling content for financial services to help them reach more clients... Especially on the topic of sustainable finance.  However I love writing about anything, and began my writing career firstly in law, then global retail before I struck gold with investment content.  


Writing is my passion. It gives me my energy and happiness. 

I feel very privileged to have worked for world leaders and pioneers in sustainable finance and asset management. I am extremely grateful to the colleagues and friends I met along the way. Especially those who pushed me to study investment management, and throw everything I have into understanding it. 

Just a few words could make an extraordinary difference on an individual, a community, or even the whole planet. 


Excellent copy has the power to change the world. 

If you would like to work with me to develop extraordinary financial content at affordable rates, please get in touch. 



  • Msc. Marketing
    (specialising in sustainable investing)


  • Investment Management Certificate (CFA UK)

  • Bachelor of Laws LLB for England, Wales and France
    (dual degree)


5+ years in asset management for leading investment houses
(2+ years at senior levels)

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We love working with Hannah as she has a real grasp of the financial services and FinTech sector she writes about. She brings great enthusiasm and understanding to go with the knowledge which makes her writing truly engaging and the content interesting.

Matthew Hyde, Managing Director of FinTech Wales 



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