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Examples of published work

Here's a small selection of published articles and video content. In 2023, I was shortlisted as Headlinemoney's Fintech Journalist of the Year. One of my articles was also a finalist for B2B Story of the Year 2023. 

Magazine Editor 

swashbucklers-magazine- Hannah

In winter 2020, I wrote and edited the Fintech Finance Swashbucklers 2020 magazine. Whaaaaattt!! This was a HUGE deal for me. 🥂

This glossy edition profiles and celebrates the 25 most fierce fintech stars today. The aim of the content was to promote people in fintech in a memorable and unique manner. ... Do you think I achieved the goal?

Paytech Event Reporting

BSEC-SSBEC 2020 Hannah Duncan.png

In winter 2020, I attended the much-revered BSEC-SSBEC event. This virtual celebration of banking and payments technology included a parade of panel shows, speakers and fireside chats. Here are my thoughts on the event.


Published by the wonderful Fintech Finance.  

Sustainable Investing

In autumn 2020, I was invited to speak on camera about sustainable finance and the EU Taxonomy. 

 👈 Despite my grumpy face , I wrote my three video scripts with passion and a hell of a lot of research. 

Published by Finance Unlocked. 

Fintech Interviewer

In August 2020, I interviewed fintech hotshot Mohammad Sawwaf on the progress of his Islamic fintech, Manzil.


You can also read the interview article below to see my writing style. 👇

Hannah Duncan Steve Wozniak MoneyFest 20

Fintech Event Reporting

Yep, I just love attending finance and fintech events. In November 2020, I settled in for MoneyFest 2020. Yayy!! 

 👈 Here's me watching Steve Wozniak. 


Published by Fintech Finance.

Hannah Duncan writing an investment arti

Investing during COVID-19

Back in autumn 2020, Hargreaves Lansdown asked me to write a straightforward article about staying diversified and staying calm. Do you think I managed? 


Published by Hargreaves Lansdown. 

Sustainable Fashion

Hannah Duncan writer for Village Raw sal

In autumn 2020, I had my first ever lifestyle article published! 

In a beautiful London-based magazine called Village Raw, I wrote about my sustainable fashion journey ... and specifically how I created a cocktail dress from an old pair of curtains.


Funding for Fintechs

In October 2020 I had the chance to grill two wonderful fintech veterans about how start-ups can get their mitts on some funding! 🤑🤑🤑🤑

I asked as many questions as I could, and despite some technical glitches, we survived! 

Published by FinTECH Talents.  

Money Management

How to make family saving fun.PNG

I LOVED writing this article, because I got to unleash my creativity on the world. 

This article got a lot of likes and shares because of the Mary Poppins reference - who'd have thought! 

Published by Hargreaves Lansdown.

I don't need the credit! 

I'd say about 90% of everything I write is published under somebody else's name. I'm a ghost writer, that's what I do.


If your CEO or financial leader needs some thought leadership pieces crafted, please get in touch. I am especially good at writing about sustainability, fintechs and investment management. 


You'd be amazed at the stuff I've written but can never talk about! White papers, books, hilarious one-liners... 

I won't take the credit. It's all yours... Article? What article? 

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