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Here's why you should support freelancers

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Across the UK, nearly 5 million[1] people have set up on their own and become self-employed. Leading the way is The Midlands[2], which is a special hotspot for hairdressers, tutors and couriers. Over in London, (where I began my copywriting business Hannah Duncan Investment Content Ltd), the most popular freelance professions are accountants, tutors and project managers[3].

Freelancers account for 15% of the Britain’s employed population[4] , and together they contribute an eye-watering £275 billion[5] to the UK economy annually.

But should you hire one? If you’re on the fence about whether to take on a freelancer, here are five compelling reasons to get you thinking.

1. We’re the definition of “motivated self-starter”

From websites to taxes, we manage an entire business single-handedly. We’re the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO and CHRO. We’re constantly networking, strategising, accounting and marketing to keep our freelance business afloat. Essentially we're doing a full time job, while producing top-quality work for our range of clients.

There’s determination, and then there’s freelancing.

You show us a freelancer, and we’ll show you someone with a fierce work ethic. Our combination of experience, expertise and sheer hard work makes us a brilliant choice for your company.

2. We get the job done

Think about it, we can’t hand you unfinished work or we wouldn’t be able to survive. Our work needs to be of the highest possible standard, we have much less margin for error than most other workers enjoy.

If it’s not great work, we simply don’t keep clients.

3. … for less than half the cost

How much would you pay an agency?

According to one source[6], the rule of thumb is that a marketing agency should cost the same as two to three employees (between £5,700 and £19,100 per month). Over this time, an agency will help you with your goals, but are unlikely to have a dedicated person working for you every day.

They’ll also have other clients to look after and may not be able to react quickly for you.

By contrast, freelancers such as marketing consultants or copywriters are much cheaper and tend to focus just on you.

The majority of agencies will themselves sub-contract freelancers, so you could save yourself some extra fees by going direct.

4. We work around you... applying a range of skills

Are you kidding? We’re not letting you get away!

You can expect our highly personalised service whenever you need us. We’re flexible, and totally centred around your unique business goals. Often freelancers will also go to work in the office as consultants.

We become part of your team, and you’ll even get a little extra from us as we apply our business brains to other parts of your project throughout the day. Our experience of managing our own companies always comes in extra handy. We can offer a range of additional skills and perspectives you may not get in your office. We're objective so can help you identify new trends and opportunities.

5. … and we don’t take any credit

It’s an essential part of our job, we’re easy to bring in and we’re easy to kick out. Once our time is up and the work is perfect, like Mary Poppins, we glide away to another client who needs us.

We leave quietly and professionally, while you enjoy that lovely promotion. Cheers!

Supporting freelancers means that you’re helping motivated aspirationalists * found their own business.

You'll boost employment and help fulfil dreams.

Getting the job done, for half the price is the least we can do for you.

* I think I made this word up, and I love it. It means someone who aspires.

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