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Why Hannah Duncan Investment Content Ltd?

... Bit of a mouthful isn’t it? I often wonder if I should have picked a more zingy name for my company. Something which sparkles in the memory, or ignites a little pop of warmth every time you say it... Or at least something easier to spell out over the phone!

Hannah Duncan Investment Content logo green vector

But in the end it always comes back to Hannah Duncan Investment Content. Or HD Investment Content for short. The strategy goes round in a loop and ends up back in the same place. Because although it might not seem like it, an insane amount of thought went into the name … Here goes:

SEO Value

If I called my company something like “SnazzellyDo!” or “Lipstick On My Teeth”… Or anything a bit quirky, I’d lose the SEO value. And for a freelance writer with no fixed contracts, that’s not a good idea.

I’d say about a third of my clients are people who typed “financial content writer” or “investment content” into Google. And anything I can do to make that stronger – even embedding the words into my URL – is totally worth it!

Hannah Duncan Investment Content URL


The truth is that I write about investments. Every day, all the time. I dedicate my life to writing and sharing information about all kinds of investment services and providers. Especially the green ones and the fintechs!

They say honesty is the best policy and with me, what you see is what you get. My name is Hannah Duncan and I do investment content.


I added a stiletto to my logo. How could I not? Inappropriately high heels have always been a part of my workplace attire. And I am a fun person. I’ve jumped – fainted actually – out of planes, partied at festivals all over Europe, lived in four different countries and picked up my fair share of whimsical tattoos.

But when it comes to my work? My financial blogs? My investment content? Deadly serious.

I put the hours and care into each and every piece, to make sure that they are tailor-made perfection for my client. Each blog submitted has a little piece of my heart in it.

So, my business name is serious. It has to be. No double entendres. No cheeky wordplays. Investment content is my priority.

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