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Videos, videos, videos... The genius of the Fintech Finance Awards

It's not every day that Michelle Heaton from Brit-pop sensation, Liberty X, asks you to explain fintech. Normally when a pop star holds a microphone in front of your face at a party, you're expected to sing. I took a deep breath.

"Fintech does everything that banks cannot do, OR it does it so much better".

Oh thank f*** I said something that made kind of sense. Most people dream of strutting around on stage like a Rockstar. Me, I dream of explaining fintech in a coherent manner. With that personal milestone out of the way, I smiled and blushed at the little burst of applause. As the live hits started up again, I twirled and twizzled as much as my sparkly heels would let me! The #FFAwards were like nothing I'd ever attended before.

Liberty X fintech finance awards hannah duncan investment content
I didn't take this picture. I stole it from the #FFAwards posts 😁 ... BTW The woman at the front with the crazy long arm is me! Like an orangutan! 🙊

Putting video production smack bang wallop in the spotlight

The event was a blinding success. And I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, Ali Paterson is a genius. Like a hardcore marketing genius. I wish I'd studied his company Advertainment as part of my Masters. I imagine Ali cooking up these ideas at home like a crazed scientist or Dr Emmet Brown from Back to the Future.

The brilliance of the FFAwards was that, at the heart of all the glamorous red carpets, celebrities, bubbles and razzmatazz ... is video production. BAM! The very thing that Fintech Finance is so uniquely famous for. To enter an award, a fintech company must explain their best WOW moment, in video format. The most compelling video wins the category, kind of. Judged by independent experts and by popular vote.

In one bold move, the FFAwards put video marketing on the agenda for fintech marketing meetings everywhere. What's more, if fintechs don't have the resources to create their own videos - which, let's face it, none of them do - the expert team at Fintech Finance can produce it for them. And ... Bingo 👌. Whether it's intentional or unintentional, it's the best marketing I've ever seen.

Fintech Finance and videos that make you go "WOW" will forever be inextricably linked.

All round lushness at the #FFAwards

Everything about the event was exceptionally Tweetable, Instagrammable and LinkedIn-able (definitely not a word). The venue looked spectacular. Guests were greeted with red carpets, flashing paparazzi lights, red carpets ... Doug Mackenzie interviewing participants against Hollywood-style backdrops like there's no tomorrow!

The lighting in the main room was so beautiful it made me want to believe in magic. And the black tie attire (try saying that three times!) of everyone was breath-taking. I wore a flowing red ballgown, and I felt like Princess Belle at Christmas.

Hannah and Holly Hannah Duncan Investment Content
My sister and I making the most of it!

Best of all... I saw my fintech besties!! That was wonderful. Normally when you kiss-kiss people on the cheek French-style, it can feel a bit awks. A necessary evil. Like wiping down the surface after cooking or or matching socks. But this time, I really meant it.

These are the people I love. The people who have kept my business afloat. Who have supported me and embraced my work. I sipped (understatement) delicious wine paid for by one of my first ever clients CREALOGIX. Whooped and cheered for my fintechs heroes - many of whom I've written for or about... And all under the warm glow of Fintech Finance... the first magazine to ever give me a chance and publish my work (some 150+ commissioned articles ago!!).

Hannah Duncan, Holly Duncan, Sarah Williams Gardner, Kate Bolton, Fintech Finance Awards 2021

Of course, I should write about the hilarious Ed Gamble, who's jokes made me bellow with laughter (not attractive). Or the surreal Brian Blessed who declared, "Gordon's Alive!!" and fulfilled a bucket list wish I never knew I had! Or obviously, being two metres away from Liberty X, who I dreamed of being part of for hours on end as a teenager.

Brian Blessed FFAwards Hannah Duncan Investment Content
Brian Blessed in the house!

But the real stars were undoubtedly the team at Fintech Finance; Ali Paterson, Jordan Drew, Chloe Butler, Shaun Routledge, Doug Mackenzie, Anton Grant, Tom Dickinson, Laura Rainmondi, Lewis Averillo-Singh, Laimis Bilys, Ellie Hazelton, Karen Estcourt, Lauren Towner, Kimberly Paterson, Serena Khemaney, Beren Attoe, Joe Butler, Bobby Suman, Taylor Griffin, Sue Scott, Chris Swales, Aleksandra Volkove and Tracy Fletcher.

Thank you so much. Absolute legends.

PS. What's the chances of making a freelance writer of year category for 2022...? I'd like to commission a video!!

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