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Copywriting for the insurance technology sector

I love writing for all different areas of technology, and especially when I get the chance to promote my beautiful country. I hope you enjoy this article which reveals how an unlikely nation showed the world that they're not just good at rugby....

A league of their own

The Guinness Six Nations 2020 saw many eager fans gripped to their seats. None more so than in the famously rugby-obsessed nation of Wales. From 360-degree daffodil hats to impromptu “Bread of Heaven” performances, the Welsh take their sport seriously. Something else that this country has cocooned and nurtured as its own, perhaps surprisingly, is its thriving insurtech ecosystem. The nation has characteristically blended insurtech with sporting values, approaching it with unrivalled community spirit and gritty determination. As Europe’s leader for insurance aggregator platforms and key hub for tech research, Wales has kept its eye firmly on the ball.

Hannah Duncan insurtech journalist

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