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25 things freelancers hear the time

I average about 65 emails a day, and *SPOILER* around 45 will be press releases. I think every journalist can relate to this. But freelancers get a few extra surprises thrown in the mix... Here are 25 some of the weird and wonderful requests I get from completely random people ALL THE F*CKING TIME.

👉 Can you turn this around by tomorrow?

👉 It's unpaid, but great for exposure

👉 Sorry! The invoice got stuck in a backlog

👉 I saw your article and thought you'd like to hear about our product

👉 You're a journalist? Let me tell you about my company

👉 I've got some news that you'll want to write about. We have a new head of HR

👉 Can I pay after I decide to publish on my website?

👉 You should take some time off and try to work less

👉 It's a very competitive rate - 22p a word

👉 The feedback process usually takes 2-3 weeks

👉 We don't really have a content strategy right now ... Do you think we need one?

👉 Can you make it a bit more salesy? You've hardly mentioned our product

👉 We're looking for a freelance writer to join us four days a week.

👉There are our standard rates for English copywriting, I’m sorry you feel this way*.

👉 Just quickly... How do you write an article?

👉 The payment will go through on Friday (Spoiler: It never does)

👉 And can you get our articles into the press, maybe the Financial Times?

👉 We don't have any SEO keywords or anything

👉 We were hoping you could get started straight away

👉 How do you feel about ChatGPT?

👉 That's a bit more than we were hoping to pay

👉 If you're ever writing an article about [insert super obscure topic here], you should interview [insert family member here]

👉 When are you going to start hiring people?

👉 I've written a blog! Could you re-share it?

👉 Go on! Make me jealous. What's the temperature like over there? 😋 ☀️

... I've also had some creepy ones. Maybe for my next post, I will put a list of the 25 most pervy messages I've ever had back from interviewees...


*I copied and pasted this line directly from an email. ICS Digital have a particularly extortionate rate for freelancers:

500 words


600 words


700 words


800 words


900 words


1000 words


1100 words


1200 words


The person who reached out to me in July 2020 expected me to write articles on Finance, Forex, Cryptocurrency (which takes about 3 days) for under £40 each. That is so far below minimum wage that I don't even have words. Disgusting, right? And they have big name clients, who I am sure pay a lot for the articles!

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